APPA’s senolytic and senomorphic properties may have a role in combating several diseases of ageing.

Senescence is a process in which ageing cells stop dividing and is involved in many diseases of ageing. Over time senescent cells build up in tissues and release harmful substances causing inflammation and damage to healthy cells. As an example, the development of OA correlates with a rise in the number of senescent cells in joint tissues.

Fascinating results continue to be obtained from experiments investigating APPA on chondrocytes (cartilage producing cells), which significantly add to the knowledge on the pharmacology of APPA.

AKL continues to explore the roles of APPA and its individual components on cell senescence in chondrocytes, again with very interesting results. Whilst these experiments relate directly to OA, senescence is seen in many diseases and contributes to many of the chronic diseases of aging so is relevant to other potential age-related conditions

In Q4 2022 a patent was filed to cover APPA’s senomorphic effects in a wide range of age-related conditions.