MHRA Approval for Formal Human Trials to Start

The University of Liverpool, as Sponsor of APPA’s clinical program, has received clinical trial authorisation (CTA) from the MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) to commence the Phase I clinical trial. The ongoing clinical program will test AKL’s lead candidate, APPA, as a potential new treatment for osteoarthritis.

David Sharples, Chief Executive Officer at ALK, said “This is a huge achievement for AKL and our shareholders as we now move into formal human trials”.

The clinical program is being conducted at the Liverpool Clinical Trials Unit (LCTU) led by rheumatologist Professor Robert Moots from the University’s Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease.

Professor Moots, said: “The severe pain from OA is usually managed with prescription drugs that are often not effective and that also, in many cases, induce unacceptable side effects. In many cases, major joint replacement surgery is needed to help deal with the pain. This is surely wrong”.

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